About Us

G-lish has been in the forefront of the newest trends for embellished tops, dresses, and accessories.

Created for the consummate fashion-insider, designer Gabrielle Hoffman draws inspiration from fashion trends to stylize what she feels will work for her customer.

At the request of editors, buyers, and stylists; Gabrielle, who has formally designed for Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, and Escada, as well as other major high-end labels, has designed her own line and branched out to create the label called G-lish.

Her background in working with these companies has been focused on embellishment. They would seek her designs for inspiration to their collections.

Given her knowledge of the industry, Gabrielle wanted to create a label that would be worn by the contemporary market.

Starting out with embellished T-shirts, G-lish was launched in 2004.

Continuing the growth of the G-lish brand, Gabrielle, added dresses to the line, as well as branched out to a less expensive collection of dresses and tops.

This past year, saw the launch of G-Lish handbags, belts and scarves.

Watch to see G-lish in department stores, fashion shows, as well as specialty boutiques throughout the world.